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📢 We Are Open By Appointment Only 📢

📣 No Walk-In's For The Time Being 📣


📞 Call For Same Day Appointment 📞




 ➡️Bend the curve, come alone! Do not bring children or others to your appointment.


➡️ Salon Doors May Be Locked At All Times To Avoid Walk-in's.

➡️Hospital Grade Disinfectants & Sanitizers Used After each Client/service.

➡️Capes & Towels Are Concealed Away & Not Out in the open. New, clean , disinfected capes & towels for each guest.

➡️If staff or clients are displaying  ANY COLD/FLU SYMPTOMS, We ask to reschedule the appointment.

➡️ Providing a safe, small, less exposure to the public Experience.



While we fight through COVID-19  Let  Us  Deliver  To  You!!

 Do you have a favourite  professional  shampoo  and conditioner? Or  maybe take  advantage  of  that  deep conditioning  hair  mask that you've  always wanted to do with a  hot  towel!💁‍♀️ Maybe  you're  bored  and want  to  freshen up  your  Funky  colour  with  client  safe  products! Nail files for  the  out grow  nails LOL.!! If  there's  anything  that  anybody  needs Salon Spa Industry wise please reach out! I'm more than willing to pick it up and drop it off at YOUR  DOOR  & Sanitized of course💕💕




Exciting things are happening at Smokin' Shears Hair Studio, & we want to share some important news with you! Loyalty from clients like you has fueled continued growth, making a move to a new & better facility necessary. We want to provide our clients the best atmosphere, & the building we are currently in does not provide those expectations! Don't worry we are still staying small! We've been told by customers not to get too big, we want to provide the atmosphere of a pocket-sized shop with a cozy ambiance & a "Cheers" like feel, where everyone knows your name. We are moving to Telford Mews. Operating on the main floor. No Walk-In's. Must Be Buzzed In  The address is 41 Athapaskan Dr, Leduc. Our phone number will remain the same . The move will be in May 2023. dates to be announced!! Thank you so much to our wonderful clients we couldn't have done this without you!!💕


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